Elephants Need Our Help

Almost all elephants are at risk due to the increasing worldwide human population and the subsequent development of wild spaces for cities, roads, and food. This forces thousands of elephants each year from their homes and into conflict with humans. Limited resources mean that elephants must compete with humans for food, water, and space, with elephants losing these conflicts. Thousands of elephants are also killed each year for their ivory tusks, coveted by humans for fine jewelry, statues, and trinkets. Though these issues occur in faraway places and out of sight of most people, Save An Elephant is standing up for these beautiful animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Our Mission

Save An Elephant is working to help provide resources and necessary funding to IEF to create a sustainable future where elephants thrive, through:

  • Global projects focusing on wildlife/habitat protection
  • Reducing human-elephant conflict through community and education programs
  • Anti-poaching and wildlife protection
  • Advancing knowledge to cure elephant diseases

While every elephant faces its own unique challenges, the tactics needed to overcome them all have one thing in common: caring people like you working together to help save these beautiful creatures.

Every time you send an elephant instead of sending flowers, you are helping to fund ways to conserve and protect elephants.