Help Save An Elephant

Instead of just sending flowers!

Help Save An Elephant.

Instead of Just Sending Flowers!

Join the Herd: Support Elephant Conservation

Every Purchase Helps Save Elephants


What is is dedicated to elephant conservation. We donate a percentage of all sales from our plush elephant gifts to the International Elephant Foundation (IEF), helping to provide resources and funding for elephant conservation.

How does my purchase help elephants?

With every purchase, a percentage of all sales goes directly to the International Elephant Foundation. This supports their efforts in elephant conservation, including habitat preservation, anti-poaching initiatives, and research.

What is the International Elephant Foundation (IEF)?

The International Elephant Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of elephants worldwide. They focus on habitat preservation, anti-poaching efforts, and research to ensure the survival of both African and Asian elephants.

How can I join the sales team?

We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our sales team. If you are interested, please visit our "Join Our Sales Team" page and fill out the contact form to apply.